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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 15, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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last year it was -- last week it was optimistic, then pessimistic, it will be optimistic again next week. dow goes up, the dow goes down. >> sandra: for the most part, historically, it has gone up. so, the bulls will stick around, i'm sure. >> john: this is all temporary. >> sandra: john, thank you very much. that does it for us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. see you tomorrow. "the >> martha: thanks, guys. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. exclusively today on "the story," my one-on-one with virginia governor glenn youngkin from inside the governor's mansion just a short time ago. first, we want to get to this. we're six days from the end of title 42 which has till now allowed border agents to block some of the immense flow that crosses over the southern border during the pandemic. now those that live and work on that border that are waiting and bracing for this are beginning
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to panic about this crisis. in moments, i'll speak with one leader in hard-hit el paso as people swarm the border to cross over illegally and now you have the cold setting in. people starting fires, people warming themselves by them and sleeping in the streets. it's an untenable situation. almost 2.4 million encounters this year. 2.4 million have crossed the border in this year. so that includes tens of thousands who ran by the border patrol and got away from them. remember, that's all before title 42 has expired, can will happen in just a few days. let's go to bill melugin who is live at the border in eagle pass, texas. hi, bill. >> martha, good afternoon to you. border patrol in el paso are totally overwhelmed right now. they have more than 5,000 noncitizens in their custody. all the local shelters are over capacity and hundreds of migrants are just being released
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by border patrol to the city streets every day. the still has still not declared a state of emergency. take a look at this footage fox news shot last night showing the ongoing situation there. what you're looking at are over 1,000 migrants that have crossed illegally in to el paso and they're waiting at the boarder wall, waiting for border patrol to let them in so they can be processed. they're almost all from nicaragua. el paso has been getting more than 2,000 illegal crossings every day. all the local shelters are totally full. mass street releases are in effect and the local shelters say they have never seen anything like this. take a listen. >> we have never seen anything like this. i've been the ceo 25 years. in years past, we would get maybe here's a group of ten cubans. something like that. now all of a sudden the border patrol is seen as many as 500,
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600 a day just out to the streets of el paso. >> and a similar situation here in eagle pass where massive groups continuing crossing daily. take a look at this drone footage. several hundred migrants. almost all of them single adults. this sector has had almost 115,000 illegal crossings since october 1. now back to you. just goes to show really all along the texas border, this crisis is escalating. six days until the drop of title 42. >> martha: very tough situation. bill, thank you. with that, we bring in the el paso deputy city manager for public safety. tell us about what you're dealing with there. >> thank you for having us. el paso has been -- it's the pass of the north. what we're seeing right now is a complete surge. so we're already in over 2,500
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apprehensions per day in the el paso region. that's about 1,600 releases every day. that's a large number. higher than we saw in the last surge when we had the venezuelan population coming in august, september, october time frame. we're seeing more numbers then back then. with title 42 going away, we're concerned. we're making sure we're prepared to go forward. >> this is representative veronica, escobar from texas. watch. >> i'm afraid a catastrophe will happen. there will be homeless migrants on the streets and freezing temperatures and people will die. i'm worried about that. >> martha: so there's also concerns from lisa monaco at homeland security. watch this. >> there's a growing concern that there will now be a tsunami
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of fentanyl flowing through the southern border when title 42 ends next week. is that something you're concerned about? >> well, i'm concerned about the increase in illegal migration, i'm concerned with human smuggling, i'm concerned with drug smuggling. >> so sir, you know, you understand the concerns of both of these people. these situations have been grow ago long time. i'm not sure why there's a panic from them now. >> you know, that's exactly it. this didn't just happen overnight. we've seen the numbers increase. we had a large surge precovid in 2018-2019 time frame. we've seen continued surges through covid. we had the last one a few months back. we've known it's coming. we've been planning for months on what happens if title 42 goes away. now that that is a possibility, before it happens, we're seeing this large surge that is unsustainable for any one
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community. there has to be some policy changes, some kind of different direction on how we approach this. we're worried about the same concerns, about the smuggling of people, drugs and concerned about the people freezing in the streets as congress woman escobar talked about. we've been asking for advanced funding from the federal government. we've gotten communications that there's some coming. we don't have the time frame yet. we're hoping that comes in soon. we're working with our state resources and actually asking for some state assistance in the form of law enforcement and the form of staffing and in the form of transportation. el paso is 800,000 people. we have one airport, a couple of bus terminals for transportation. we can't keep up with in daily flow of 1,600 plus on top of the holiday season. >> martha: there's not enough
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money for this. you're using your covid relief dollars. that's a big concern. you've talked about using military facilities like they did for african refugees because you're out of band width to deal with this situation. so we feel for you, sir. we'll keep an eye on it. bill melugin has been reported this all along. a lot of people are paying attention as well. thanks very much for talking with us today. >> thank you. >> martha: so ahead on "the story," general jack keane, senator josh hawley and my exclusive sit-down with the governor of virginia who is getting a lot of attention when it comes to 2024 coming up. >> we're here at the governor's mansion in richmond, virginia today. it is just such a beautiful historic mansion. it's such a treat to see. we're about to talk to governor glenn youngkin. let's go. many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility
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>> martha: russia warning of unpredictable consequences if the united states sends patriot missiles to ukraine. would be the most advanced surface to surface air defense system that the pentagon has provided since the unprovoked invasion began ten months ago. moscow's embassy said it would be another provocative step by the united states. look at this. russia says that this is video of their forces loading an icbm in to a launcher. it's a missile that could go 7,500 miles and hit the united states. with that, we bring in general jack keane. former vice chief of staff of the army. now chairman of the institute for the study of war. general, thank you for being here today.
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i'd like to get your thoughts first of all on this response from the kremlin about the potential sending of patriot missiles to ukraine. they said if this is confirmed, we will witness another provocative step by the biden administration that could lead to unpredictable consequences. what do you think about where this is, general? >> well, i think it's another attempt by putin certainly to deter a significant capability getting in to the hands of the ukrainians. they've been at this now for almost ten months. and from time to time, brandishing the threat of nuclear weapons. a few weeks ago, putin said he had no intent to use nuclear weapons and no purpose to it, et cetera. so what we do know about putin, he's consolidating his forces in the south and in the east. he's preparing for a protracted war with ukraine. he's trying to break the will of
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the people by making themselves. these air defense systems, i think, is so clearly needed by the ukrainians and backed by all the governments that are supporting ukraine. why? because this is a defensive weapon to protect the people of ukraine from being rocketed and drone attacked and using cruise missiles against them on a regular basis. that is the principle strategic objective that putin has right now. he's ground forces are consolidating. offensively he's using all of his air capability from drones to rockets to missiles to kill the ukrainian people and break their will. this is a bluff. that's where he's been for ten months. we're quite used to it by now. >> martha: general keane, thank you. good to see you.
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so coming up here on "the story," senator josh hawley joins us. he's leading the charge in the senate to remove tik tok from government devices and says the government is ticking for speaker pelosi to encourage the same. >> there's no reason that any government employee would need to be on tik tok on a government device anyway. why do you need to use your government phone to be watching these videos? you want to do that, do it on your own time. a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market...
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>> martha: this momentum is picking up here. the senate just passed a bill to outlaw tik tok on u.s. government devices. that might be the beginning. lawmakers from both parties back ago total ban on the app because of their ties to china. senator josh hawley sponsored the bill that just passed. he joins us in just a moment. but first to aishah hasnie live on capitol hill. hi, aishah. >> martha: hi, martha. senator hawley's bill still has to get through the house. today house speaker nancy pelosi told reporters that she has not committed yet to bringing his bill to the house floor before this congress is over. watch. >> we'll leave here today for what is on the agenda now. i don't know that that will be on the agenda next week. let's see. but it's very, very important. >> some states are banning tik tok on government-issued
12:20 pm
devices. brian kemp just joined those governors announces his own ban today. meanwhile, senator marco rubio and representative mike gallagher have put forth a bipartisan bill that goes a step further than senator hawley's bill. this will ban all transactions from any social media company that is run through adversaries like china, russia or iran. >> it's a national security threat but it's a direct threat to our way of life. it's allowed them to interfere in mid-terms, this company should be banned. i don't know why they're allowed to operate in the united states. >> chairman of the senate intel committee, mark warner, a democrat, is floating this idea instead of banning tik tok altogether, perhaps regulate it and have it regulated by the department of justice. it's already getting some push back on the hill from republicans. martha? >> aishah, thank you very much. with that, we bring in senator josh hawley who sponsored the bill to ban tik tok on government devices.
12:21 pm
senator, good to have you with us today. what is your reaction to that from mark warner, that he thinks regulation would do the trick on this? >> well, the first thing to do is to make sure that we get it off of all government devices. there's no reason for it to be there anyway. the state department, the pentagon, the army, the navy, tsa even have all banned it on their devices. that is step number 1. number 2, there needs to be a fire wall between tik tok in the united states and beijing. if there isn't a fire wall, then it needs to be banned in the united states completely. we have to protect american security. right now, martha, bottom line, for people using the tik tok app, it has access to contents, to their phone, to their e-mail, to their calendar. we have to stop that. >> martha: yeah. you know, i know a lot of families have banned it. that's a place where you can start. this is tik tok's response to your legislation. senator hawley has moved forward with legislation to ban tik tok
12:22 pm
on government devices, a proposal that does nothing to advance u.s. national security interests. we hope rather than continuing down that road, he will urge an agreement that will address his concerns. they say this won't to any good. >> they're worried. what that statement says, they're concerned. they think that this is a real possibility that congress really will ban it on all devices. more and more people are alive to the privacy threat and the security threat that tik tok poses. tik tok has been begging congress for years, lying to congress, too saying there's no problem here. there's lots of problems here. we've got to protect the american people. let's ban it on government devices and then let's put up a fire wall between tik tok and beijing. if that doesn't work, ban it completely. >> martha: so why are you not going all the way right now as senator rubio has and mike gallagher has in the house to propose a total ban for the whole country?
12:23 pm
>> currently the biden administration has a review of tik tok. they have the optiono force the chinese parent company to sell tik tok iitr kind of fire wall between americans user data and beijing. if there was a sale and a fire wall, i think it would be fine. if that doesn't happen, i don't know how we'll protect privacy. the bottom line, let's ban it now on federal government devices. you don't need to have federal employees sitting around looking at tik tok or making videos on tik tok with their government device. >> martha: i couldn't agree more. i think for the most part, it's a colossal waste of people's time. maybe that's just me. good to have you with us today. thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up, my exclusive interview with virginia governor glenn youngkin and how he says he's delivering
12:24 pm
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>> martha: so we're here in richmond, virginia. i spoke with glenn youngkin after he outlined his budget plan at the state capitol in ric richmond. it cover as lot of ground including education, which is an issue that put him on the map and helped him to win as governor. >> the dismal test results and scores that we've seen the last six months make it clear how much work we still have to do. the covid-19 pandemic exacerbated the learning loss. a learning loss that was already
12:29 pm
underpinned by a systematic effort over the last decade to lower standards. we must accelerate our efforts to bounce back from the damage donn. let me be clear, teachers are at the heart of that. >> martha: so the governor says that he is empowering parents and giving them a lot more say over what happens in the classroom as they recover -- as kids recover from covid learning loss. he's now on pretty much everybody's short list of potential 2024 presidential contenders. we talked about that as well. i sat down with him earlier after that speech. so this is your first year in politics after being elected governor and governing. you talked today of a looming economic crisis. so you have a lot of experience in finance and in the economy. are we heading into a recession in 2023? >> i think we are. the failed policies out of
12:30 pm
washington have put us in this position. we didn't have to be here. when we saw run-away spending drive inflation and oh, by the way, got our work force. we have the highest levels of people not participating in the labor force than we've ever seen. we're here because of decisions made in washington. those are head winds for virginia. unfortunately, the central bank has no choice other than to slam the brakes on and drive up interest rates. there's a recession coming. we're projecting it comes in the second quarter and lasts for six months. i do believe, however, that given virginia's fiscal strength that we should be investing through it. we'll be prudent and make sure we don't get over our skis. this is a time for virginia to close the gap on so many of the needed, needed investments and oh, by the way, tax cuts that we should have been making and we just started this year. i told everyone today, we're going to accelerate and get virginia to the next level.
12:31 pm
>> martha: i know you want to cut corporate taxes. you brought that up. about half of the room clapped. you're dealing with a democrat senate and a house, a gop-led house. these all sounds like great things on paper. how you going to get any consensus in virginia on these things? >> we did last year. we had a $4 billion tax cut package that in fact got approved and i signed. it's not easy. this is hard work. inherently there's a division. but common sense prevails. when you have hard facts that show the overtaxation of virginia in individuals and verge businesses, coupled with the fact that more people have been moving away from virginia than moving to virginia from other states and businesses while we've had great wins consistently choose low tax environments, we've got to get moving. that's what accelerating is all about. we're done playing small ball.
12:32 pm
that's for the minor leagues. we're in the major leagues now and we're going to compete to get our taxes down, corporate rates and individual rates so people will stay here and move here and businesses will stay here and move here. >> martha: we remember that moment in your debate against terry mcauliffe, the former governor. he said that parents should be telling schools what they should teach. it really turned out to be the seminole moment that brought you in to the governor's position here in virginia. >> i'm not going to let parents come in to schools and take books out, make their own decisions. >> you vetoed it. >> stop the bill. i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> you believe school systems should tell people what to do. i believe should be in charge of their kids education. >> martha: how are parents more in power now than then? >> we had landmark legislation
12:33 pm
that we passed on a bipartisan basis. yes, it was hard. we had to push. but we empowered parents to make decisions whether their child wear as mask or not. mask mandates went to the side. we empowered parents to make decisions about materials that are inconsistent with your family values that are being used in the classroom. you decide. parents are now in the position to make the most important decisions in their childrens lives. children deserve to have a parent in those decisions. parents have a right to make those decisions with their child. this is a moment that parents have been re-established at the table and at the head of the table, this is not going to stop just after our first year. we have a lot more work to do. as we work through this learning loss and virginia suffereded mightily, we had the worst learning loss in the nation in fourth grade reading and math. we were tired with maryland in math. that is not a prize i want virginia kids to win. we have empowered parents and
12:34 pm
worked to put together tutoring programs that parents can opt in. we're working through directed funding to make sure that they could be customized for children. these are decisions that families need to make in consultation with teachers but parents in virginia as i said have the head seat at the table. that's where they belong. >> there's all this discussion about transitioning and how it should be if the parents could be left out of that discussion between the schools and students. is that the case in virginia? >> well, the old administration passed policies that left parents out. we're changing that. i think our model policies put parents back in charge. that's where they should be. i do think that also the recent findings from a grand jury in loudoun county just illuminate the reality that we knew what was going on in loudoun county. it took a change in governor, a governor's directive, a grand
12:35 pm
jury led by attorney general to shine a light on the fact that a parent had been escorted by police from a school board meeting for complaining and protesting that his daughter had been assaulted in a rest room and the superintendent covered it up. this is not acceptable. this is the kind of consistent effort it takes in order to re-establish the primary role of parents in their kids lives. >> martha: you're talking about the superintendent that was indicted because what he's charged with is lying, saying that they had no idea this had happened. we all remember the parent, scott smith, being dragged outs of that meeting. then hearing his story about what happened to his daughter. then they move this child to another school and he did it to someone else. this is the accusation that they're dealing with. at the same time, merrick garland was saying that the fbi needed to keep an eye on parents like scott smith. he was part of the example that was used for causing a dust-up
12:36 pm
at these meetings. what is the message in these indictments to merrick garland? >> first of all, that we have a great attorney general in virginia. i deeply appreciate him. the misguided politics that made its way in to the u.s. attorney general garland's office to suggest that parents weren't doing anything other than caring for their children, the way that parents were supposed to when they stood up in school board meetings to complain and protest and ask for transparency and what was going on in their kids lives. this is the reality in virginia today. we have transparency and by the way, the most important message is for school boards and superintendents is that parents do matter and transparency does matter. we're going to stand up for it. >> martha: you think the attorney general should apologize to scott smith? >> i think across the board there should be a universal apology to mr. smith. he stood up for his daughter's
12:37 pm
rights. his daughter had been sexually assaulted. he was not only cancelled, but the school board instructed law enforcement officers to remove him from the room. i'm so proud of the attorney general's office and the hard work from the grand jury. >> martha: we'll have more of my discussion with governor youngkin in virginia. we'll talk to him about what he was -- his plans are for 2024 next. it's nice to unwind after a long week of telling people how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. showtime. whoo! i'm on fire tonight. (limu squawks) yes! limu, you're a natural. we're not counting that. only pay for what you need.
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>> martha: back with more of my interview with virginia's governor, glenn youngkin. so governor, if i could turn your attention to the mid-terms
12:42 pm
which we all watched closely. one of the things that we were told to watch for when we looked at the races across the country were three seats in virginia that you campaigned very hard for to be flipped to the gop. one of them happened. so what happens to the red wave that was supposed to start here in virginia? >> first of all, we're all disappointed that we didn't win more races. i sincerely thought that we would win one more of those races. we worked hashed. i'm very proud that jen won. i said the road of the majority would come through virginia and her win was instrumental in making sure that we won back the majority for the house. but i do think that there were some real concerns along the way because what we learned from this, this mild term is that voters want results. they want to look forward, not backwards. areas where republican governors were delivering extraordinary
12:43 pm
results, they were awarded with great victories. i think it's awfully hard sometimes also to unseat an incumbent. i think going forward, we have to learn these lessons that we have to learn that respects matter. we have to deliver. >> martha: you traveled the whole country. there were five governors that you supported who won out of 15. it's not a great margin. some said that including larry sabato said this effort was to generate buzz nationwide and to build momentum for you and for your future. so those losses, what i do they say about the candidates, your ability to help people across the finish line and your future. >> it's not the first time it's did agree with larry. but we have to worked hard for governor's races. what happened in my race was there was an outside candidate that everybody said couldn't win. republican governors from around the country came together and supported me.
12:44 pm
i will never forget that. so it was my turn to repay the favor. we picked hard races, races where the states were set up a bit like virginia where joe biden had won by ten points. we went to work to try to flip those states. i think the efforts we put forth showed yes, the message carries, but it's hard town seat and incumbent. i look forward to help republican governors get elected. >> martha: president trump, the former president's numbers have declined recently. a lot of people that say look, he still holds the most sway in the gop. what do you say? >> i think we cannot ignore the fact that he has great influence in the republican party. i do believe that there are lots of other folks that do as well. i think part of the process the next couple years is to sort through that. my job today is to deliver for virginiians. i think the big message for all
12:45 pm
republican candidates is to deliver. to deliver results. voters enjoy a speech, but they're going to vote based on who they think is going to deliver for them. and that's what we're doing in virginia. >> martha: do you think it's time for republican voters to move on from the former president? >> i don't think it's time for republican voters to do much right now. it's time for republican leaders to deliver results. and then come back when the time is right. showcase those results. we have a moment where voters want to look forward. virginia voters told me last year, they tell me every day, we're worried about the future, not so much the past. >> martha: don't look back. look to a future president. >> it's time to look forward. >> martha: a younger president? >> i'll let them decide. >> martha: people look at you and they say, gee, you've been a governor a year. your term ends in 2026.
12:46 pm
2024 is right around the corner in many ways politically speaking. how do you feel about the possibility of leaving this office to run for the presidency at that point in your career? >> right now the possibility of me focusing on virginia and delivering as a governor is 100%. that's where my attention is. i think that's what virginiians expect from me. they elected me to lead change. they elected me to lead virginia forward. that's what we're doing. i'm so humbled by this discussion. you summarized it perfectly, martha. two years ago, i was a private citizen that just left my dream job. 40 years ago, i was washing dishes and taking out crash as a kid that needed a job. to even have my name surfaced is so humbling. i'm so focused on the commonwealth of virginia and being the best governor i can
12:47 pm
be. >> martha: you have to make a decision in the next 12 months. >> i'm not sure one has to make a decision. i have to focus on virginiians. sometimes that's the precision that prevails. right now my commitment is to do the best job i can as governor of virginia to deliver results and make virginia the best place to work, live and raise a family. that's where i'm focused. >> martha: thanks, governor. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. great to see you too. >> martha: all right. thanks to governor youngkin today. pete hegseth joins us with his reaction to what the governor had to say and new fox polls show strong dissatisfaction with the president on the u.s. economy as the dow is down 800 pounds.
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veteran homeowners: need cash? at newday you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to pay down high rate credit cards, personal loans, even car loans. veterans get more at newday. >> martha: a few minutes of trading left. all three major indexes are plunging right now wiping out
12:52 pm
their gains for the entire week and that is after the interest rate hike that we got. pete hegseth and mark penn standing by. first to lauren simonetti. hi, lauren. >> hi, martha. a nightmare on wall street. we got weak retails this morning. investors are concerned that the fed's commitment to push rates up past 5%, that that's going to send the economy in to a recession. i want you to take a look. seven straight rate increases this year. this higher cost of borrowing is slowing the economy. retail sales .6%. there's been signs the consumer was holding up amid inflation even as we're increasingly turning to credit to make our purchases.
12:53 pm
let's say you owe $5,000. you pay the minimum every months. at a 19% apr, it will take you almost 16 years and cost you $6,500 in interest. that is an example of this impact of rate hikes. guess what? jay powell says he has to go harder to kill inflation. the markets today might believe him. they're down sharply. bank of america says watch out for the repercussions that next the job market will be hit. they are among those calling for a recession in the first half of the new year, martha. >> martha: it's tough news. it's what the equation was for these rate hikes to inject some pain in to the economy in order to slow things down. that's clearly what we're seeing lauren simonetti from fox business. thanks, lauren. we'll see where it goes. thanks. some bad signs in the new fox polling when it comes to how american voters are viewing how
12:54 pm
the american economy is doing. 81% say that economic conditions are fair or poor. 81%. there's a look at where it was last year. 76% in december of 21. so we've seen an increase in that. nearly 3/4s say inflation has caused them financial hardship the last six months. that's up from 67% last year. so those numbers heading in the wrong direction. with that, we turn to pete hegseth, co-host of "fox and friends" and the new fox nation special, the life of jesus out now. mark penn from stag well incorporated and a fox news contributor. i just had a long discussion with governor youngkin. i'm curious to hear what you think. it's very careful to say his know cuss is as governor of virginia. but he's on a lot of people's mind as a candidate. when you look at that layout and the people on the short list, do you see a lane for the virginia
12:55 pm
governor? >> maybe. listen, it was impressive win he had in virginia. he ran on education, which should be front and center for conservat conservatives. he's barely been in office a year. a lot of what votesers are looking for is a fighter, someone that will say what they're going to do and do what they said they were going to do. donald trump certainly proved that. ron desantis has shown that involving covid, disney in florida. if glenn youngkin can show that in virginia in similar ways, it could make him formidable. this is donald trump's party. a lot of it is driven by what he decides to do and everyone else except for ron desantis who has a lot of base of support will be fighting for a smaller fraction of votes. i don't see it. you never know. >> martha: mark, at the beginning of his speech that i
12:56 pm
attended before this interview, the first thing he said to his legislature, which is divided, was buckle up. we're going to go fast and he said every single day he's more frustrated with the pace of government. your thoughts on how potentially viable he is for 2024. >> well, i think that the good news is that the country is looking for a return to people with executive experience, executive governmental experience like governors. i think there's going to be a return of the governors after a business man an a senator. they're looking for somebody that can run things. obviously ron desantis has been surging. recent polls he has a commanding lead over donald trump. so i don't know whether it will make sense for youngkin to get in. he clearly is a contender at some point. ron desantis is moving quickly i think to consolidate a very large vote within the republican primary and surging in the polls unlike -- almost like no one
12:57 pm
i've seen this early in a presidential race. >> martha: yeah. one thing i want to point out, governor youngkin is very tall. you can see this video of me standing next to him. i keep getting these messages on twitter saying i didn't realize you were so short. he's 6'6." i'm 5'6." he's very tall. just to clear that up. when you look at the numbers on the economy, they're extremely weak. it reminds everyone, why do you think that the mid-terms are so difficult for republicans given how increasingly depressed people are about what's going on with the economy and how then't is handling it? >> it's a fair point. a lot of us have concerns about the emergency covid voting measures put in to place that frankly whether it was done correctly or not, democrats exploited very effectively to legally or otherwise harvest ballots early voting to get voters out and bank those votes in a way that republicans are still counting on same-day
12:58 pm
voters and the old school model. if you can't change the law and get voting done in a short period of time and show voter i.d., you better get on board in gathering votes in ways that are more effective. the economy, border, public safety, inflation should have been bigger aspects of what drove people. but there were clearly other dynamics of play as well. >> martha: mark, what do you say about that? >> well, i think there's no question that these poll results show how upset and angry the voters are about the economy and how they personally feel that the biden administration is not helping them. in fact, in the poll it says that they see they're hurting more than helping. i see not only is there a return to governors, but more of a return to the center. the voters in the mid-terms rejected by and large the extremes. i think they're moving to the center. that's good news for governor youngkin who is clearly
12:59 pm
identified as someone that could win in republican areas as he did in virginia. so i think that move to the center is really one of the things i see in these polls. >> martha: it's going to be fascinating to watch. mark penn, pete hegseth, look forward to hearing this jesus story on fox nation. great to see you today. also available today, the untold story podcast, which is special. i spoke with wreath as cross america executive director karen whister about the work this they do. they travel in a huge caravan. they go all the way to arlington cemetery and put wreaths on our veterans graves stones to remember them. it's a moving ceremony. they educate kids and scout troops along the way. watch this. >> it's not just in allentown. we're at 3,700 locations all over the country where there's wreath layings on the 17th.
1:00 pm
anybody can go to >> martha: this is a great present. you can tell someone that you donated a wreath that will be laid at a veteran's cemetery. it's an extraordinary gift and great effort. thanks for being here. we'll see you tomorrow in new york. >> neil: six days out, title 42 closing in. now more than 1,000 migrants are gathering in el paso waiting to get in. add that to the hundreds of thousands that already have. this is a crisis that is now escalating by the minute. we are on it, all of it with bill melugin in texas where the numbers are building fast. peter doocy in washington with the pressure on the president is mounting and texas lieutenant chris


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